Lois 2014

Lois Schlachter

Kunkletown, PA 18058

The Artist Statement

As I paint and create I am interpreting the world around me.
My art reflects my love of shapes in space, handsome and vibrant color, balance and classical rhythm.
Each work is an intrinsic part of myself, reflecting hours, weeks and some- times years of my intimate relationship with my painting.
When I am finally satisfied enough to place my work before the viewer, you will have a glimpse into my soul and a part of my being.
Be thoughtful with your comments.

Although, I primarily work in acrylic and paint abstractly.
I occasionally work realistically in oils, a discipline and an exercise which leads me to a more fluid approach to my abstract work.

I would describe myself as an abstract expressionist, painting because I must paint, as I must breathe,
spontaneously, directly from my hand to the canvas. Compositions develop as I work.
All of my work is original and one of a kind. It is my opinion, no work of art is ever completed.

I have painted continually for over fifty years, but I am now able to dedicate my life exclusively to my work.
Exhibited selectively, my painting, prints and drawings hang in the homes of everyday people.

I make my work available to those who respond to it.
Why should you buy original art?
Because it gives you pleasure.
There is no other reason.

My Mission Statement

My personal aim is to have my Art displayed where it can be lived with, loved and enjoyed.
This is more important to me than a monetary exchange.


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